The general work plan is composed by 4 work packages and the project management (WP0). It is based on a series of well synchronized development-test-validation-update iterative loops.

The central ork packages are dedicated to sampling methods (WP1), the development of the website architecture and the its different modules (WP2), and the development of the DSS (WP3) that comprises the collection of data from on-station and on-farm experimentations to fill in the database and the evaluation of the DSS tool. These work packages represent the core of the DSS development process: the software, experimentation and testing of the sampling methods and the DSS tool, and finally their evaluation, improvement and update.

Lastly, there is a work package dedicated to dissemination (WP4) which includes training end users, e-learning and a multicriteria assessment of the threats and limitations to the adoption of the DSS tool.

Dissemination is the most important work package. Indeed, our experience in past projects (for instance the most recent one, PURE project showed that bringing the tools and methods to the end users (advisors and growers) and accompanying them in its use is the cornerstone of the project success. Then, experiments are opplanned to take place both on-station and on-farm to allow advisors and growers to test and validate the decision support system S@M in real growing conditions.