SmartIPM progress meeting has taken place at Fundación Cajamar Comunidad Valenciana

SmartIPM progress meeting was held at experimental station of Fundación Cajamar Comunidad Valenciana in Paiporta, Valencia, Spain.

The SmartIPM progress meeting took place last 29-31 October 2018. During the meeting, each partner presented the development of the activities under their responsibility, and we could work together in refining the last version of the survey on the tomato production systems in Europe. We’ll come back to you and ask to participate in this survey (coming soon !!)

Moreover, our partners of Fundación Cajamar Comunidad Valenciana organised very interesting and diverse visits to a greenhouse tomato farm, an agricultural supply cooperative  and a company of natural solutions for growing fruit and vegetables.

Many thanks to our colleagues of Fundación Cajamar Comunidad Valenciana for hosting the meeting, and many thanks to the people that kindly showed and presented their activity during the visits.

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