SmartIPM presents advances in tomato russet mite detection II

Alex Pfaff from JKI gives a talk on early detection of tomato russet mite at the 61 German Plant Protection Congress






SmartIPM colleagues from JKI were present at the 61. German Plant Protection Congress in Stuttgart from 11th to 14th September 2018.

Alex gave a talk on early detection of tomato russet mite entitled “Aculops lycoperscici (Tryon, 1917) infestation detection with image and non-imaging spectrometric methods on tomatoes”. The methods tested included fluorescence measurements and hyperspectral images. Main finding is the advancement in the infestation detection of tomato russet mite.

Many questions stil stand and need more research. For instance, is the time gained enough to manage tomato russet mite infestations spread ?

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