SmartIPM – first training session on the DSS S@M

SmartIPM helds its first training session on the use of the Decision Support System for implementing IPM in greenhouse horticulture in Las Palmerillas.

The first training session on the use of S@M, the IT platform supporting the Decision Support System for implementing Integrated Pest Management in European Agriculture, has been held at experimental station “Las Palmerillas”, Fundación Cajamar, Almeria. The training session run during two days and cover the following topics: creating an account, creating an experimentation related to greenhouse horticulture, creating a mask or notation sheet to monitor pests, diseases and beneficials adapted to local culture practises and conditions (from northern to southern Europe – from German conditions to south Spanish Mediterranean ones). Then, trainees explored the data representation and mapping possibilities like temporal and spacial graphs. Finally, they followed the elearning material currently available on the culture of roses, passed satisfactorily the self-evaluation and were willing to contribute to develop a similar elearning material for greenhouse tomato crop.

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